Introduction of Medical Device Workshop

The Medical Device Workshop was established as a place where engineering researchers, medical researchers, corporate engineers, and students can get together for practical manufacturing and demonstration tests. In this workshop, students can use metal 3D printer, robot arm/hand, precision cutting machine, etc., and practice of implant device prototyping and robot arm/hand control will be conducted.

Introduction of MDP training course

The Medical Device Producer (MDP) Training Program is part of the Next Generation Medical Device Collaboration Project of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), and aims to develop human resources who can create medical devices in the future in close collaboration with the Kobe University Hospital Clinical &Translational Research Center.The goal is for participants in the entry course to gain practical experience in the development of medical devices in the clinical field in the advanced course, and to become MDPs (Creative individuals with medical device development and project management skills).
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Entry Course【Simulation of Practice】

1 year
●Entry Course I
Needs Exploration Approach WS, Hands-on Seminars (Laparoscopic surgery, ventilators, surgical assistance robots, etc.)

●Entry Course II
Clinical Field Tour, Needs Exploration Simulation Practice, Concept Creation, Pharmaceutical and insurance consultation, etc.

Advanced Course【OJT (On-the-Job Training)】

2-3 years
Secure intellectual property for a promising improved medical device (Class III or higher) or a new medical device (Class II or higher) and create a prototype within three years.