Introduction of Medical Device Workshop

The Medical Device Workshop was established as a place where engineering researchers, medical researchers, corporate engineers, and students can get together conduct "practical manufacturing" and "demonstration tests" of robot system control and medical devices. In this workshop, In this workshop, students can use the metal 3D printer, robot arms and hands, and precision cutting machines. Medical device and system design exercises of Digital Medical Engineering Creation Course are conducted.

●Seminar Style

●Exercise Style

Introduction of main facilities

●Metal 3D Printer

●5-axis Machining Machine

●Raman Spectroscopy

●Multi-Joint Robot (For cutting process)

●Collaborative Robot and Haptic Device

Introduction of Digital Medical Engineering Creation Course

In order to develop advanced medical devices that provide solutions to the various problems in the current Japanese healthcare system, there is a need for human resources who can create innovations by acquiring fundamental knowledge for device development, and life & medical science perspectives, and who are able to capture the needs of the medical field and translate them into commercialization. To achieve the task, Kobe University offers a new course, the Digital Medical Engineering Creation Course, in April 2021 at the Graduate School of Health Sciences, as a place for creative education to achieve the full potential of the medicine and engineering collaboration. This cross-disciplinary educational program will be implemented across multiple graduate schools of Kobe University (Graduate School of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Engineering, etc.). In this course, students will learn about concept development and manufacturing of new devices, with a specific emphasis on medical device development that enables practical applications in the medical field. This course has the following features.
(i) Students will develop specialized knowledge and multifaceted thinking in life/medical sciences and engineering fields through a cross-disciplinary curriculum and team-based development practices in collaboration with different disciplinary fields.
(ii) Students will be able to experience needs identification through visits to the sites of medical operations.
(iii) Students will gain a broad range of hands-on experience, such as medical device development and robot hand control, through practical training at the Medical Device Hands-on Studio in Kobe University research hospital.
If students meet the requirements of this course, a certificate of completion will be awarded. The course is designed for students who are interested in advanced medical technology and the application of engineering principles to medicine. Students who are able to set their own goals and tackle their challenges with an inquiring mind are encouraged to participate in this course.

Purpose of the course

●Human resource development to be involved in the development of advanced medical devices (including related fields)
 Fundamental knowledge of engineering+Life and Medical Perspectives
 Needs assessment/ Innovation Creation

●Creative education that integrates medicine and engineering
 For multiple graduate school students (engineering, medicine, health sciences, etc.)
 Learning through practice with an awareness of the medical field

●Target students
 People who are interested in medical technology and medical applications of engineering.
 People who want to be involved in medical device development in the future
 People who want to broaden their perspectives and experience different fields

Characteristics of course subjects (for students of the Graduate School of Engineering)

 ・The curriculum is structured to enable students to acquire knowledge and experience in the creation of new technologies that lead to practical applications, not limited to medical devices.
 ・This course will help you develop a perspective on life and medicine and broaden your horizons.
  Students from engineering/medical/health sciences study together, allowing for interdisciplinary exchange.
  Students can learn in an environment that is close to the actual field of medical care.
 ・Exercises that expose students to cutting-edge technologies are provided in combination with lectures.
  The graduate school's exercise course setting is very unique.

Introduction of Course Classes

●Exercises of medical concept creation
Students will experience the process of searching for valuable needs in the medical field, clarifying those needs, creating new concepts, and finally connecting them to business through exercises and develop communication skills through group work.

●Medical Device and System Design Exercises
Students participate in exercises on ①Practical manufacturing,②Surgical assistance robot operation and Haptic virtual reality experience, and ③Sensing technology using equipment at the ICCRC’s Medical Device Workshop.

●English Special Lecture (medical devices and systems ), I/II
This is composed of English video lectures by overseas researchers and follow-up lectures by the faculty member in charge.
 Lecture Topics (planned)

Establishment of a new medical-engineering integrated department

In April 2023, Kobe University established a new medical-engineering integrated department【Department of Medical Device Engineering】(master's course and doctor's course) in the Graduate School of Medicine.

●Enrollment Quota
Master's Programs 15
Doctor's Programs 8
●Concept and Human Resource Development
We accept students from multiple fields of engineering and medicine, and provide them with practical experience in the medical field. The program aims to nurture "creative developers who can lead the development of medical devices.

Crucial elements in the development of medical devices

●Characteristics of the new department

Introduction of the Medical Device Producer (MDP) training program

“The Medical Device Producer (MDP) Training Program” is composed of an approximately one-year Entry Course I & II and a 2-3 years Advanced Course (OJT: On-the-Job Training). A Medical Device Producer (MDP) is a professional who can bridge the differences in language, culture, thought, and purposes between medical practitioners and corporate developers/engineering researchers. They can oversee the entire process of medical device development as the leader of the development project and lead a team composed of diverse talents. This is essential for the promotion of the “Japanese-style ecosystem”. For more details, please check the link.
Go to the website of Kobe University Hospital's Next Generation Medical Device Cooperation Project

【Human resources development program that concentrates on the initial phases of medical device creation】