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Peripheral Device Development Division

In collaboration with the Development Strategy Division, conduct research on peripheral devices that do not fall under the medical device category.

In collaboration with the Development Strategy Division, we will conduct needs provision, development and assessment of mainly peripheral devices that does not fall under the medical equipment category (e.g., rehabilitation-related products, nursing and care equipment, IT-related equipment, health equipment, hospital systems).

Research topic

Research on tailor-maid machining of medical devices

In order to achieve tailor-maid machining of medical devices, a new method to generate automatically an instruction program for numerical controlled machine tools from a 3D CAD model of a dental artificial crown. Unlike mass-produced industrial products, singly produced medical devices requires huge amount of time and cost to generate manually an instruction program for machining. In our new method, not only calculation of tool paths for machining, but also adjustment of cutting conditions are performed to avoid tool breakage in machining operation. In the experimental machining verification performed by the generated instruction program, 80% machining time reduction can be achieved without tool breakage.


Professor Keiichi Shirase, Associate Professor Ryuta Sato, Assistant Professor Isamu Nishida

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